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Upcoming Short Film

Funded by Carclew and Independent Arts Foundation

M-8 is a short film that follows Ruby and her new creation, a support robot named ‘M-8’.

Ruby is an introverted teenager with a strong passion for robotics and inventions. She is ambitious and dreams of winning a scholarship to the most prestigious robotics academy
in the country to pursue her dream of creating robots that can make a change in the world. The story starts with the creation of M-8. Ruby makes a huge step in achieving her goal by

bringing this robot to life just in time for the annual robotics competition. Initially overjoyed with her creation, she is quickly brought down to Earth by the brash judging panel, who interrogate the usefulness of M-8. She casts M-8 aside, but M-8’s
optimistic persistence in connecting with Ruby helps her see value in persevering and being vulnerable.

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