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I love to edit and have done so for many years, specialising in post-production throughout my studies. Being able to bring a story together and create distinct emotional impacts with editing decisions has always sparked passion. I pride myself on my workflow and editing process as well as attention to detail with my editing. Every cut has significance so I aim to be intentional with every decision to reflect the story as effectively as possible.

I have additionally acquired an interest in VFX to enhance my storytelling, and have developed a skillset to enable me to do so. In high school I undertook Compositing courses with Rising Sun Pictures and at Flinders University I often participated in some of the VFX classes including Digital Matte Painting at CDW Studios. I have since continued refining this skillset which is able to elevate the production value of my projects.

As well as film work, I've edited a number of corporate and client videos. I aim to always complete these projects in a timely manner whilst optimally executing the intention of the video.


Featured Edit

Defending with Pride

In mid-2022 I had the wonderful opportunity to edit an exhibit that was on display at the Shrine of Remembrance in Victoria for 12 months. It went on to win  Best Temporary or Travelling Exhibition in the 2023 Australian Museums and Galleries Association National Awards.


Software Used:

- Adobe After Effects

- Adobe Photoshop

- Nuke

- Houdini

- Adobe Character Animator

- Adobe Illustrator

VFX Reel

Client Editing

As well as my work in film, I've worked as a freelancer in videography and editing since 2019. 

I've edited a diverse portfolio of clients' video content, including documentaries, animated infographics, real estate videos, and social media ads. 

I aim to bring creativity and a unique edge to each project to stand out for its respective audience.

Here are a few examples of client projects I have edited:

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